written by rippeR - 25.07.2013 - 18:11
We had an awesome revival season, but we realized that nobody want to put any effort into a nearly-dead game anymore. Sure it was really fun, but most of us lost the motivation after one season. Besides it's nearly impossible to compete with first division teams without practising some hours every day to get the time back we'd lost in our long break.

Some of us completely stopped playing online, some of us are still playing source. And even some filthy scumbags are left in 1.3 and play it from time to time.
Feel free to use our forum and stuff to keep the nostalgic stuff alive.

your basterdZ!
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DoD Update
written by exe - 05.04.2013 - 13:58
Für alle die Probleme mit dem Update haben gibt es diesen schönen Link hier:


Ansonsten sollten folgende neue Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten bedacht werden

I'm gonna real fast tell you what settings you should use after the update, the link below will explain more thorrow.

fps_override 1
fps_max 120 (use same fps_max value as hertz on your monitor to experience the best flow)
m_rawinput 1
gl_vsync 0
snd_noextraupdate 1 (Provides better performances for PCs)
m_mousethread_sleep 1,2 or 3 (Mouse hertz setting - 1=1000hertz 2=500hertz 3=125hertz)

-mousethread (activates the m_mousethread_sleep command)
-nofbo (Goes back using old Open GL settings, like before the update. If you want to achive 4:3 aspect ratio, this is the only way)
-nomsaa (If gameplay feels OK, but you dont want anti-aliasing)
Wort mentioning is that -freq doesnt work anymore. Download Refresh Lock to lock hertz. For some the mouseacc settings in launch option doesnt work anymore. Make sure you remove all acceleration in Windows. Download Mousemovement Recorder to be sure that its turned off.

-rate 100000 (Valve have changed maxrate from 30k to 100k, this wont matter unless sv_maxrate on server is set to 100k. Rate is the amount of bytes per second you want the server to send you. It has nothing to do with how good your opponent will hit you. So stop lowrating cause of it.)
-cl_updaterate 100 (new default value is 60)
-cl_cmdrate 105 (new default value is 60)
-ex_interp 0.01 (They are maybe thinking of making 0.01 new default value, which we would love)
-cl_nosmooth 1 (Removes the smoothening effect and instead shows true movement of players.)

In Options --> Video - you should have everything unchecked. Only thing that should be filled in is "Allow custom addon content".
If your video card is old and you now and then experience fps lag. Then choose Low Quality video.

Re-add your custom xhair. When you did the update DoD somehow managed to fuck it up. So just remove it and add it again.

Alle Infos geklaut von der TPG-Page
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written by rippeR - 28.03.2013 - 14:46
Yes ladies ! DoD is dead? Aint nobody got time for that?

Ohh we have time for it! Why? Cuz its fun biatch!

After an exciting match against France FuN which we won by a fullcap in the last minutes, old basterdZ won the playoffs in Main Division and finished the TPG Season #2 unbeaten ! Match details can be found here.

It was a funny season and we'd never expected that the remaining 1.3 scene is even a bit competitive. And we'd never expected to win every game in our division. But we obviously did, after we had some close matches against teams like CatsFactory,recap,simulate & FuN .
Congratulations to every single member of - old basterdZ - . you/we earned it!


Besides we did won the EnemyDown solitude cup with wins over SoS and HELTERSKELTER. We lost the final against France hySteria but they used a fakeaccout which has been used by blank1, a banned cheater @ ED. So we got a Fucking cheating retards! :F

Oh and due a hostchange of our teamspeak server, we are going to have a new IP for it. I'll tell you as soon as I know the new ip!

We are already making plans for the upcoming season and recruited the german Sniper Germany Blade , who played for teams like seaLs, DesertDevils, coldgame, fNaps & prec!se .

This addition will surely gives us another boost - welcome to our old and scruffy bunch!

your basterdZ!
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written by rippeR - 06.03.2013 - 15:25

Ehhh or at least those chinese (or whereever they come from) spam bots which flooded our homepage during the last weeks thought they can keep flooding this page here. But I just CROSSED their plans with installing some stuff which should protect us from this twats.

For registering it is necessary now, that you activate your account with a validation code sent via e-mail. And you have to fill our more profile stuff to guarantee that you are a real user and not a gay bot.

Let's wait and see if this is going to help!

Besides that, we are very proud to announce that we have our own publicserver !

Please note that we just started with this server and some plugins aren't perfectly configured or running smoothly yet. Thanks!

Oh and we made a new addition to our lineup. We always talking about how filthy and rusty we are, so this guy here clearly belongs to us: danny the United Kingdom heffalump is supporting us as Allrounder since our last additions kussi & phew aren't really active.
Welcome !

At least I can say that I'm having a bit more time at the moment, so I'm going to try to work on the homepage cause it is far away from a final version yet. But I need to see how much time I need to spend for our publicserver, cause I'm the one whos working on it, too. And to be honest, I did these gameserver stuff the last time 8 years ago.
Next news here I hopefully can present you some new features of our homepage and tell you more about our publicserver.

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written by rippeR - 31.01.2013 - 16:43
resu.. what? Je ne parle le francais pas.
pcw you oú me y vas ? WHAT? stfu!

We started this project at the beginning of december 2012 and first we were a handfull of players, who couldn't even throw grenades or do the double-duck-jump anymore. We thought about playing one or maybe two pcws in two weeks and have a laugh about the left people in 1.3 .
The good news is: We re-learned to throw grenades, at least ;-) ... No seriously: We underestimated the fun this old game gives us and how much fun it is to play with old lads. So it quickly happened that several oldschoolers joined our team and participate in some events with us.
Besides it was surprising for us that there is at least a small competitive scene out there, which gives us the opportunity to play one or even two officials per week. This events causes that clans want to practise for it and so its possible to play a pcw nearly every day, which we really didn't expect. Of course you'll often face the same opponents, but the mappool is big and - as I said - the game is fun :-)
After we realized this development, we arranged a homepage, our own teamspeak server and an own warserver. So it kinda feels like it was in the good old days. Some stuff has changed like the playing time for pcws (standard is 9cet nowadays) or that you have to discuss with french people, who can't really speak english or that teams try to cheat you with using mercs in officials or that the best clans around are the ones which can camp best at your spawn. Yes spawn camping,shooting and nading is allowed nowadays... Dunno which dork in europe decided to use the rules from american dorks.

So it really isn't like back in the days, but it's still fun and a bit nostalgic and thats probably the reason we're still playing this game.
So lets enjoy the left time which is given us and collect as many cool moments as we can.

Oh and we are still unbeaten in officials. Hell yeah.
And please welcome Germany kuSSi [Light] (i.a. played for #fusel-combo & High FiDelity) and GermanyPh3w! [Heavy] ( i.a. played for reLaxX & prec!se.dod ) to our awesome bunch.

Keept it up,
your old basterdZ

p.s. my french above could not make any sense at all.
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Business is running
written by rippeR - 07.01.2013 - 16:06
Hey folks.

We've got some news for you.

TPG Season started and we've just scored our first victory in a really close and intensive match against European Union CatsFactory .
The ED League 2013 is going to start at wednesday and we'll face France Team ScHuLtZ . They should be a really hard opponent for us and we are really excited to play against them.

And we've recently got some new additions to our filthy bunch: Germany JQ , who played for topteams like GXA, wooSai, coldgame or pQ! will support us as Light and will surely give our team a push forward.
Former team-germany player Germany duffed, who played for teams like aXo & prec!se joined us as Light and will surely strengthen our roster!
Besides Germany cJay joined us as Light, too. Compared to the most of us, he is a quite new dod player, but even old basterdz need some fresh blood ;-)

Welcome guys and keep it going!
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Important TPG Rules!
written by exe - 05.01.2013 - 10:59
Hello everybody! A few days ago i had a little conversation with SwedenCalli about the TPG rules. Its important that everybody of us are into them!

Here is the Link to the most important for us:


please read it, and fix ur userconfigs!

Thanks guys! And keep an eye on your Rates! wink
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LineUp Changes
written by rippeR - 29.12.2012 - 12:16
Ollá !

We've recently had some little lineup changes:

The famous GermanyPTk who played for the german powerhouse perfect-Quality! joined us as Heavy and/or Sniper. If he will be active, he will be a great addition for us.
Besides we got company by Germanyfrkz who played i.a. for SSB, one4one and fearless . He joines us as Light, too.
Sadly, but PolandHurranoth left our bunch because of personal issues. We wish him good luck, though.
Because of this, FinlandLassenant changes his class to Heavy.

So it seems that our Lineup is going to be final. Nevertheless we are looking for an experienced and skilled heavy. An active and skilled sniper might solve this problem, too. So if you're interested, please contact Germany exe or Germany rippeR .

your basterdZ
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written by rippeR - 27.12.2012 - 16:09
Yes I am awesome. I had one last domain free and I ordered or just .

Anybody who wants can get a pop3 mail address with and 1GB drive.
And a subdomain http// is possible, too. Just pm me here.

The page isn't still finished yet. I need to re-structure the left navigation menu and edit various stuff.
The teamspeak viewer on the right side, isn't working yet. But I will fix this the upcoming days.
And we need some graphics for the headbanner e.g. and for a lot of small logos and pictures. IF ANYBODY IS ABLE TO WORK WITH PHOTOSHOP please let me know cuz I'm awful with it and need hours for one small image.

Thanks and keep it going.
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old basterdZ
written by rippeR - 27.12.2012 - 13:54
We started with a small bunch and just playing for the fun and now we are dozens of old-schooler which found together and still have lots of fun with this lovely old game.

Because arranging via steam-group isn't the best solution, I created this homepage. Hope you enjoy it.
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